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Are you tired of answering the same thing oven and over? Asking for the same information with every new ticket, pointing out the FAQ…

Canned Responses reduce the time you spend on each ticket by answering in one click.

Canned Responses under the main WordPress menu will let you manage all your canned responses. You can add, edit or delete canned responses anytime.

Canned Response List

While drafting your canned responses, a few template tags are available. Those tags empower your canned responses by adding dynamic information in it. You can, for instance, greet the user using his username and sign the ticket using yours.

Finally, when handling a new ticket, you can insert a canned response with just one click. It’s as easy as it gets. You will never type the same answer again and again!

Canned Responses Tags

Here is how simple it is to use:

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