The following widgets are automatically shown on the WordPress admin dashboard:

Open and Closed Tickets

Closed Tickets

Shows the number of tickets that were closed today, yesterday, this week, last week etc.

Open Tickets By Status (Chart)

Shows a count of open tickets by status. This gives you the most important metric of your support operation – the higher the numbers on here, the busier you’re liable to be.  It also allows you to immediately see how many high priority tickets you have to deal with!

Open Tickets by Status (Text)

This shows the same data in the chart above – just in text form.

Open Tickets By Priority Summary (One Chart For All Priorities)

This widget is a chart of the number of open tickets for each priority level.

Open Tickets By Agent (Detail – One Chart For Each Agent)

Displays the number of tickets open for each agent broken down by the number of days each ticket has been open.  This allows you to quickly see how many “old” tickets each agent has in their queue.

Dashboard reports summarize the state of your tickets by giving you some key high level information about the data in your Support database.

Here are a couple of examples of what your admin screen can look like after the add-on is installed and enabled:

This is the layout we have chosen to use in our dashboard.  You can create a different layout and add/remove widgets based on your business needs.


The data shown on each widget will correspond to the security profile of your agent.  Agents who are only allowed to see their own tickets will only see data related to those tickets.

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